Designing and Constructing Ecologically Sensitive and Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Residential Build & Maintain


  • Planting & Transplanting
    Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

    Hard working and educated field staff provide project installation using local native materials to the extent availability allows.  Our trained staff understands the cultural and horticultural requirements to keep plant material healthy before, during and after installation.  Shoreline planting, meadows and bank erosion control planting are specialized services offered by Unity staff.

  • Maintenance Contracts
    Seasonal and Annual

    Unity recognizes that each and every property and property owner is unique. Our team will provide a  customized maintenance package to ensure individual plant needs are met, lawns are maintained, driveways, patios, and walkways are maintained, snow removal is handled, irrigation and lighting systems are kept running optimally, and overgrown gardens are made a thing of the past.  As stewards of our environment we minimize or omit the use of fertilizers and chemicals. Organic fertilizers and garden care products always receive first consideration when nutrient supplements or pest treatments are necessary.

  • Tree Maintenance & Removal

    As a certified Licensed Tree Expert in the state of Maryland, Unity Landscape Design/Build offers services including removals, thinning, pruning and storm damage cleanup.   Maintaining healthy trees is the most important preventive maintenance work that can be done to eliminate costly cleanups and damage as a result of downed trees.

  • Irrigation – Drip and Turf

    Optimal plant health and water conservation is the core consideration when designing and installing irrigation systems.  Our designers can provide a comprehensive irrigation system that solves all of a site's challenges.  All irrigation systems are installed and maintained by our trained, in-house experts.  Drip and micro irrigation systems are specified for most plant irrigation needs while sprays and rotors are specified for larger turf areas with a focus on minimizing water usage.

  • Low Voltage Lighting

    LED low voltage outdoor lighting installation is essential in many residential landscapes to create ambiance and on many properties, for security.  The team at Unity works with carefully selected manufacturers known for high quality and reliability to specify fixtures specific to the desired lighting task.  Illuminate walkways, vegetation, architectural features, fountains, sculptures and buildings.  Unity will provide high quality products and professional installation.

  • Patios, Walkways
    Retaining Walls

    Pervious Paver Systems, Retaining Walls, Natural Stone walls and Patio Terraces, Steps, Landings, Driveways, and Columns are just a few of the Hardscape projects design and constructed by our specialized installation teams.  With hundreds of successful projects installed over the last 22 years our team has the experience required to design and build your unique outdoor living space.  ICPI Certified.