Designing and Constructing Ecologically Sensitive and Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Residential Environmental Services


  • Invasive Species Management

    The team at Unity will provide immediate treatment and removal of invasive plant problems as well as develop a long term management plan to ensure the long term goal of complete eradication is achieved.  Whether your project has problems with Phragmites, Mile-a-minute vine, Japanese Honeysuckle, Kudzu, Multi-flora Rose or a host of other invasive non-natives, our team will provide a solution and see that the desired result is achieved.

  • Wetland Restoration

    The team at Unity provides complete  planning, permitting, invasive species control and eradication,  construction, planting and long term maintenance for wetland projects.  Our professional staff can coordinate education and volunteer restoration efforts when requested or necessary to meet project requirements. Often the team at Unity will perform several aspects of the wetland restoration process in conjunction with a team assembled by our staff or by our client.

  • Nitrogen Removal Septic Systems

    Unity Landscape Design/Build, Inc. will design, permit,  site locate, and install a complete Commercial Nitrogen Removal Septic System for your project.  Over 22 years of experience working with the local, county, and state offices allows our team to keep your project moving forward through to completion.  Through the MDE a flush tax on property tax bills is being used to pay for 100% of a majority of the installed systems/upgrades, and 50% of systems for businesses or high income households.  Our team will facilitate the paper work and permitting necessary to obtain the funds to have a new system or system upgrade installed.

  • Stormwater Management
    & Rain Gardens

    Chesapeake Bay Cleanup efforts are making good progress and a tremendous effort is being placed on reducing runoff, cleaning water before entering the bay, and most effectively infiltrating surface water back into the ground and replenishing water tables.  With extensive experience on large and small scale step pool projects, rain gardens, stream restorations, wetland plantings and creations, our team can see a project through from the conceptual/design process to construction to ongoing maintenance if necessary.  By installing even the simplest measures on each of our properties we can have a significant impact on achieving a healthy Chesapeake Bay.   Examples of simple onsite water management include installation of rain barrels, infiltration pits for surface runoff, native plantings, pervious paver and hardscape systems, and water collection in cisterns for future use.

  • Shoreline Erosion Control
    & Maintenance

    Shoreline Erosion Control is a specialty service Unity has been providing for over 22 years on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  With extensive experience designing, permitting, constructing and maintaining living shorelines, stone revetment projects, sills, groins, and hybrid projects, our team  remains engaged during all phases of the project to ensure success.

  • Bank & Site Erosion Control

    Whether a small washout in the yard, a bank face washing away, or water pooling in an undesirable location, a solution is available.   Our goal is to make sure the soil on your property  stays on your property!  Each and every measure taken to reduce soil erosion is a another step toward preserving our natural resources in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.