Designing and Constructing Ecologically Sensitive and Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Stormwater Management
& Rain Gardens

Chesapeake Bay Cleanup efforts are making good progress and a tremendous effort is being placed on reducing runoff, cleaning water before entering the bay, and most effectively infiltrating surface water back into the ground and replenishing water tables.  With extensive experience on large and small scale step pool projects, rain gardens, stream restorations, wetland plantings and creations, our team can see a project through from the conceptual/design process to construction to ongoing maintenance if necessary.  By installing even the simplest measures on each of our properties we can have a significant impact on achieving a healthy Chesapeake Bay.   Examples of simple onsite water management include installation of rain barrels, infiltration pits for surface runoff, native plantings, pervious paver and hardscape systems, and water collection in cisterns for future use.